Exhibition: Spots, Stripes and Shapes in Nature

Saturday, Oct 21, 2017 at 9:00am


From ladybugs to mushrooms, zebras to birch trees, stingrays to oak leaves, the colors catch our eye and the shapes stimulate our imagination. We may be fascinated by the design, but in nature, these markings may make the difference between life and death. They can lure, repel, expose, or protect. Are your colors going to attract a mate? Will your design trap tonight’s dinner?See how fabric artists interpret this theme at Aullwood's 25th Annual Art Quilt Exhibit "Spots, Stripes & Shapes in Nature" from September 16th to November 4th at Aullwood's  Marie S. Aull Education Center. The exhibit is open during Aullwood's regular hours, and admission is included with regular Aullwood admission. Come enjoy some beautiful works of fabric art!