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Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve

Acres: 22 

Offering a 0.6-mile accessible Pin Oak Trail featuring a butterfly and wildflower garden (bikes and skates not permitted) as well as a large gift shop with unique nature-related merchandise. A two-story barn offers nature programs, a variety of exhibits and special events.


James Evans

Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018
Turtles!! When you walk by the pond, take a look! The trail through the park is a super easy and pleasant walk. There's a slightly rougher offshoot for those seeking an experience away from the paved trail. Be sure to get a pass for the parks! I've never had a problem when I've forgotten to move the window cling from my wife's car to mine, but these triangular parking passes help pay for the park services around Cincinnati.

Kevin Huey

Sunday, July 15, 2018
Great place for a nice nature escape in Colerain. Paved trail with a short excursion into the woods (gravel path). Nice gift shop with unique local stuff. No real hiking or trails, but nice easy way to get kids out of house. Good clean restrooms.

Jeanne Mulholland

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
This place so beautiful. The staff is courteous. The Pin Oak Trail is peaceful. There are two parts to the trail. A flat paved trail as well as an unfinished, more rugged trail.

Yannatta Thurkill

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
A quaint oasis of beauty and walking trails that is visited many times during the year. Activities for children and adults during the year. Convenient for walking. Leashes for dogs are required. Originally a farm.

linda coffman

Monday, May 28, 2018
Nice Park within the city so to speak. Good walking path that's mostly shaded which is very nice on days that are sunny and hot.

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