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Findlay-Hancock County Public Library

206 Broadway Street


The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library encourages and supports lifelong reading, viewing and listening in the pursuit of knowledge and joy.


- We value free and open access to the library and library services for all citizens.
- We value our patrons by serving them equally, respectfully and with a friendly attitude.
- We value lifelong learning and reading for joy.
- We value the privacy of our patrons.
- We value our community by playing an active role in improving quality of life.

About Us:

The Findlay-Hancock County Public Library was founded in 1888 and was originally located in the Hancock County Courthouse. The library opened to the public on January 27, 1890 . The library’s primary source of funding comes from the Public Library Fund, a portion of Ohio’s tax revenue distributed to each county to divide among its local public libraries. In addition, a local operating levy was passed by Hancock County residents in 2010.

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