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Kecias World Boutique And African Art Gallery

Kecias World Boutique And African Art Gallery
220 Xenia Avenue

About Our Business

The Tolliver family began selling international art and jewelry in Kings Yard in Yellow Springs, OH, 13 years ago when our sons Keith Jr. and Jimi first displayed art from Belize on the King's Yard brick patio. For the past two summers the Tollivers’ two younger boys, Akil and Red, have followed their brothers’ example selling traditional African art.

Our Mission

Provide our customers with authentic African arts, crafts and curios of the highest quality and standards.
Developing and empowering everyone that we do business with and educating each one on our business quality processes and objectives.
Respecting and participating in the development of the communities where we operate.
Acting in a responsible manner to our environment.
Providing a completely secure e-procurement web site.
Conducting our business with integrity and in compliance with internationally accepted business principals and practices.
Building mutually beneficial relationships with all our employees and customers.

African Art Gallery

African Traditional Ceremonial Masks and Carvings

Traditional Ceremonial Tribal Masks, we carry African tribal masks from the Baluba, Baule, Bamileke, Chokwe, Dan, Fang,Guru, Igbo, Lega, Puna, and Senufo tribes, to mention a few, of Central and West Africa. These masks are traditional ceremonial masks and some have been used in tribal ceremonies. Masks of African tribal culture demonstrate visual symbols of the tribe's myths, transporting moral codes into everyday living and negating the need for written laws through generations. The intervention of masks signifies important moments such as fertility rites, initiation into adult mentality, funerals, the dead, and harvests. The mask's physical form imitates human and animal forms, often in combination, covering the face. Masks are unique to each specific African society and their shape and accessories have special meanings for the different cultures.

African Clothing and Home Accessories

Mud cloth from Mali, each piece of Mud cloth has a story to tell. The symbols and the way in which they are arranged as well as the color and shape of the Mud cloth reveals a variety of different secrets. Social statues, a person’s character or occupation are all things that a piece of Mud cloth tells. Even now, African people are very careful about what they wear, as each fabric, color, and dress is interpreted by others. What you wear shows what kind of a person you are!

Shadow Boxes and Paintings

These beautiful African shadow boxes are a three dimensional way to display an authentic large brass mask, wood masks, or African woodcarvings on your wall.

World Boutique

World Fashions

We feature Bali sarongs, African print apparel, Mali Mud cloth dresses and dashikis, Tye-Dye apparel, Jazz and Blues T-Shirts, Bob Marley apparel, Janis Joplin T-shirts, and much more of the latest world fashions.

Licensed Cigar box and Designer Purses

We feature unusual purses and handbags, including pop art cigar box and licensed celebrity purses, such as Marilyn Monroe, Lucy, and Elvis.

Oils and Accessories

Oils (Body and Burning) and Oil Burners, dozens of ways to indulge yourself. Used from ancient times for blessings, meditation, and relaxation. Enhance our moods and your life with your own personal fragrance. Try burning oils to create a mood that is relaxing, sensual, or whatever you desire. Far superior to incense, oils burn to give you fantastic fragrances for hours at a time if you choose. Fragrances can be as subtle or exciting as you choose. No ashes to clean up either.

Bath and Body

Pure Shea Butter and Black Soap, for centuries 100% pure Shea butter has been used in Africa. It enhances skin tones; cures a variety of blemishes and defects and even helps babies sleep better. Purify and energize with original Black soap from the Ivory Coast. This particular black soap is famous for its power in removing scars, blemishes and lines. Black soap is enriched with vitamin E. Enjoy the ultimate luxury with our newest "Dudu-Osun" black soap. Specially formulated entirely from natural ingredients and herbs, this soap will have you feeling refreshed and silky smooth. Restores damaged skin and is helpful in healing chronic eczema, acne, freckles and dark spots.

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