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Walking Dead Mansion

Walking Dead Mansion
625 E Jenkins Ave

In 1972 A young girl named Emily Thompson lived in this house. She was an odd girl who didn't  have any friends. She kept mostly to herself. Everyone said she seemed so empty and cold, her deep dark eyes seemed to stare right through you. It was as though she had a secret that she would never share

One night in late October she was alone in her room. Her parents and sister had gone to bed. She could hear the whispers coming from the closet. She had heard them many times since her family had moved into the house. "They won't be mad" , The voices urged. Emily picked up the book of matches and began lighting and dropping them. The voices from the closet continued to whisper. Suddenly the bed burst into flames. Emily ran to the door to escape, but it was locked. The fire quickly consumed the entire house. Screams of terror could be heard throughout the neighborhood. Windows shattered and smoke billowed from the front door. Emily and her parents were consumed by the fire.

The house has been renovated but despite the owners best efforts he could not get anyone to stay. Many have come and gone not lasting more than a few nights. The residents claim that they could hear the screams of the dead family and the whispers coming from the closet. Others say that the smell of smoke lingers in the house. Neighbors say that on bright moonlit nights you can see Emily's face peering from the second story windows.

Many years have passed and the house still sits empty, It is dark and the smell of mold and decay is heavy. The remaining windows are cracked and the porch is unstable. Everything is covered in a thick blanket of dust. No one has entered this house in years. The family has made sure of that, but now they want their long awaited revenge. They know the truth.... Emily is not what she seems. Emily doesn't want to play, Emily wants to kill.. Will you survive Walking Dead Mansion or become the newest resident?

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