The 8 Best Places for Gelato in Ohio!

In Italy, where gelato originated, the law requires it to have 3.4 percent butterfat to be called “gelato.” Frozen desserts are serious business, and Ohioan gelato places take it just as seriously. Richer, denser, and more flavorful than regular ice cream, gelato is about the best frozen treat you can get. Here are the 8 best gelato places in Ohio.

Aromas Java Cafe, Cincinnati, OH

Aromas Java Cafe keeps 24 flavors at a time in their display case, which is kept at 5-10 degrees so it melts in your mouth, but they keep over 100 flavors and counting waiting in their storage freezer's that they can make to order with their in house gelato machine. All their gelato is made fresh and in house every week.

Coppa Gelato, Westerville, OH

Coppa Gelato is a family-owned and operated business whose family specialty is making the best gelato around. Their frozen treat is hand-made daily in their cafe using only the freshest produce, so that they can provide their customers with the tastiest authentic Italian gelato available for miles around.

Graeter's Ice Cream, Columbus, OH

Graeter's Ice Cream is an old classic standby in Ohio, well known for their delicious ice cream and frozen treats, but a lot of customers don't know that they also serve a rich and flavorful gelato that lives up to the standard of quality that Graeter's strives to achieve for every frozen sweet treat they serve.

Rosso Gelato, Rocky River, OH

Rosso Gelato's goal has always been to produce the best gelato this side of Italy, and every person on their team understands and works toward that goal every day. Much of their priority is invested in finding the best ingredients in the world. With over 40 years of food industry experience, they know how to provide a superior product to the customer every time.

Rita's, Kettering, OH

Rita's is another old standby for Ohioans looking to cool off on a hot day with a cold treat that's well-known for their ice cream offerings, but their “gelati” puts a new spin on gelato, with a delicious dollop of creamy frozen custard layered on top of a blend of their Italian Ice and frozen custard, resulting in something unique and delicious.

Dojo Gelato, Cincinnati, OH

Dojo Gelato takes their name because the word “Dojo” means a space where an individual practices a process in the pursuit of perfection, and that's what you get here. Their gelato is hand-crafted every day from scratch with the best ingredients available to provide the most deliciously perfect Italian-style gelato you will ever experience.

Rhino's Frozen Yogurt & Soft Serve, Cincinnati, OH

Rhino's Frozen Yogurt and Soft Serve is a family-owned and operated self-serve store with over 23 flavors of gelato and other frozen treats, with both non-dairy and sugar-free alternatives. They also carry over 100 different toppings so you can get truly creative with your gelato.

Buona Terra, Cincinnati, OH

Buona Terra Gelato and Crepes aims to serve gelato in a different sort of way. Their traditional gelato is made fresh every day, but they're also happy to create a made-to-order gelato cake with an almond and pistachio base, up to two gelato flavors, and a rich chocolate glaze to top it off, for any party or gathering, that's truly something spectacular.

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