The 8 Best Lunch Spots in Ohio!

When you're looking for a good place to get some grub for lunch, the same handful of fast food places can get old really fast. But taking a gamble on a new place to dine can be seriously intimidating. Is the food going to be good? Are the portions going to be enough? Are you going to empty your wallet? We got you covered. Here are the 8 best lunch spots in Ohio.

Casa Nueva, Athens, OH

Casa Nueva was started by eight former restaurant workers back in 1985 with the simple goal of providing delicious authentic Mexican-style food for its customers. Between the eight of them they had over a hundred years of experience, and every customer who enters Casa Nueva can tell.

Coco's Bistro, Dayton, OH

Coco's Bistro is an independent Dayton original restaurant that's happy to provide a power lunch for anyone with an appetite. With genuine bistro fare, amazing service, outstanding prices, and delicious food. Coco's Bistro is one of a kind.

Lily's Bistro, Dayton, OH

Lily's Bistro is a family-owned and operated restaurant located in Dayton's historic Oregon District. They feature “seasonal, eclectic American comfort food and drinks” with a nice twist of Southern influence, according to its site. They maintain the “nice dining” atmosphere, which means good food and welcoming, friendly service.

Heirloom Cafe, Columbus, OH

Heirloom has been a hotspot on the scene in Columbus since the summer of 2011, and Heirloom is more than just a name for them, it's a promise to their customers that they will always provide delicious, healthful, and seasonal food that's always farm-to-table and supports local businesses.

Sunny Street Cafe, Dublin OH

Sunny Street Cage serves breakfast and lunch all day long and their goal is always to focus on their community while providing fresh and tasty food in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. They offer fresh cut fruit and vegetables every day with real buttermilk pancakes and soups and muffins made from scratch.

The Indian Bistro Restaurant, Cincinnati, OH

The Indian Bistro restaurant provides more than just a casual lunch experience—they provide a mystical and diverse array that reflects the diverse cuisine of India itself. With unique flavors created by significant uses of spices and fresh vegetables, it's the most unique and delicious lunch you'll find anywhere.

Senate Restaurant, Cincinnati, OH

Senate Restaurant makes such delicious and renowned food that they're publishing a cookbook with their signature house special recipes, so that they can share the food they love with the world. One of Cincinnati's best lunch spots, with a huge variety of unique foods like the Hello Kitty 2.0 hot dog, the lobster BLT, or the fried bologna sandwich, you're sure to satisfy whatever craving you have here.

The Levee House, Marietta, OH

The Levee House is the only remaining original riverfront structure in Marietta since it was built in 1826. In 1980, on a shoestring budget, a local businessman turned it into a cafe, opened a small kitchen, and amazed all of Ohio with its delicious traditional American-style lunch offerings in a casual, welcoming environment.

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