African Safari Wildlife Park

267 South Lightner Road

About us:

Take a drive through this African Safari Wildlife  sprawling park and get up close
and personal with animals native to the African savannah. The animals (giraffes,
zebras,  water buffalo, and more) are used to being fed by park visitors, so
they'll lumber right  up and introduce themselves.

(Unroll the window if you'd like to scratch a  moose's nose.) Kids of all ages
will delight in the petting zoo's pony and camel rides. After you've brushed
yourself off and washed  up, head to the Safari Grill for lunch and dessert
(the hand-dipped ice cream is a show-stopper)


Craig G.

Tuesday, Sep. 26, 2017

Had a great visit even on a very busy day for the park; we had a great time. It was hot outside but the animals were very active and had no problems coming up to the car to grab the carrots we were offering. Also, on this visit the giraffes were out and that was neat to watch them reach down to the car and gently take the snack (carrots/lettuce). Check out the walking zoo, too. The parrot there is hilarious. He can mimic the laugh of a man and it sounds so real/authentic. I wonder what the back story is on this bird? Who owned him before coming to the zoo, where did he get that awesome laugh? We had a great visit and will be back with other friends and family, soon.

Sharon Samons

Thursday, Sep. 14, 2017

We had a great day with our granddaughter for the day! Very friendly staff and helpful too! Definitely an experience worth having our season pass for! Will definitely be purchasing a renewal at end of this year! Clean and well kept a must see if you have never been also an adventure together precious memories together family time! Thank you to all those working too.

Jason Conner

Wednesday, Jan. 10, 2018

Had a blast, got tickets from Groupon for a season pass, then found a good deal on a paint job for the car after we left. Highly recommend this place but take the oldest car you have through there

Eagle Eagle

Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018

Great place to take kids / grand-kids for the day, staff is very friendly. We visit a few times a year! Kids love it.

Greg Graham

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017

The place had a run down look. You could coax the animals to the car with the overpriced carrots and alfalfa pellets most of the time, but the giraffes remained aloof. Unfortunately, that was the animal my granddaughter wanted to feed. There were no lions or cheetahs. Be prepared for aggressive animals that stick their heads into your car, and also slobber covered door panels. Basically, I thought it was overpriced and underdesigned.