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African Safari Wildlife Park

267 South Lightner Road

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Take a drive through this African Safari Wildlife sprawling park and get up close and personal with animals native to the African savannah. The animals (giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, and more) are used to being fed by park visitors, so they'll lumber right up and introduce themselves.

(Unroll the window if you'd like to scratch a moose's nose.) Kids of all ages will delight in the petting zoo's pony and camel rides. After you've brushed yourself off and washed up, head to the Safari Grill for lunch and dessert (the hand-dipped ice cream is a show-stopper)


Lotus Kaye

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
The drive-through safari is so much fun! I went to one when I was younger but it was much farther away from where I live in Michigan. I found this one in Ohio and had to go. I loved being able to see the animals up close. It's fun to be able to feed the animals. I think next time we will buy extra cups though because pretty early on, an alpaca (I think) stole the cup with the food left inside. It was funny but then we only had a few carrots left to feed the other animals. I absolutely can't wait to go again. It's been a couple years but I liked that if you kept the ticket they gave you, you got a reduced price if you went again that year.

Todd VanDussen

Friday, June 29, 2018
Great place to create memories with our 4 year old. Unlike most places like this, they included a cup of food and a stick with bird seed on it with the entry price, so at least your kid can do what all the other kids are doing without having to spend $5 more every time you turn around. The facilities were clean and well maintained, and the staff seemed to ask care about the animals and take pride in their work. If I had to list one negative, it would be that they don't seem to have as much variety of wildlife in the drive through portion as they do in the walk through portion.

Jessie McClelland

Thursday, July 5, 2018
We had lots of fun, feeding the animals from the car was really cool. Don't use up all your greens in the beginning, the giraffes are at the end and they like the lettuce leaves. When we ran out of food the Elk started biting at my mirrors and my window visors. Didn't do any damage but beware. Enter at your own risk. Drive slow as they will run up to and swarm your car. This was really a great place. It's a bit pricey, but worth it.

Rae R

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
During our annual Cedar Point trip, my family decided to come here since we are animal lovers. First, we walked through the area where you can view and feed a variety of smaller animals such as ducks, kangaroos, macaws, bunnies, and more. There is also camels for riding and they had had snakes too. They also have Aviary area where you feed the beautiful birds. Then you can finish up the adventure in the drive thru safari area which can be quite interesting. Especially, when the animals decide to surround your vehicle for food. My girls and I loved it! I definitely recommend everyone going here at least once! You won’t be disappointed!

David Moran

Friday, July 6, 2018
Very neat wildlife. All the feed prices add up quick. I suggest packing a cooler lunch, as there isn't much to eat here. The pretzel was stale. The cheese for dipping was cold. The porcupine feeding was very awesome. As were the gentle kangaroos during feeding.

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