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Port Clinton - African Safari Wildlife Park

267 South Lightner Road

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Take a drive through this African Safari Wildlife sprawling park and get up close and personal with animals native to the African savannah. The animals (giraffes, zebras, water buffalo, and more) are used to being fed by park visitors, so they'll lumber right up and introduce themselves.

(Unroll the window if you'd like to scratch a moose's nose.) Kids of all ages will delight in the petting zoo's pony and camel rides. After you've brushed yourself off and washed up, head to the Safari Grill for lunch and dessert (the hand-dipped ice cream is a show-stopper)


Sunimal Rathnayake

Sunday, April 1, 2018
Visited in 2015.. such a great experience.. so many animals .... you can feed them during your drive within the park.. We’ve bought carrots and other animal food items to feed this hungry crowd. Considering the number of vehicles in that drive I suspect they must have big stomach to fill... They have a camel ride also but limited to young ones only...

Crystal Smoot

Saturday, March 24, 2018
Not worth it at all. I paid $65 for myself, 2 seniors and my 3 year old son. The poor animals look sick, sad and hungry. I ran out of food so one of the animals took his antlers to my drive side mirror leaving some nasty marks. Drove an entire hour to get there because their website is VERY deceiving. They should state on their website that if you go doing this season you will not get the full experience or they shouldn't be charging full prices. I am very disappointed and will not be recommending them. You could have a way better time at the zoo for cheaper.

Sandra Gagliotti

Friday, March 30, 2018
We love going here. We do the drive thru twice every time we go. I try to take as many picture of someone with a buffalo head in there lap. We really miss the pig races. I know they went eductional, but I think they could do both. i try to take a couple cars full every year. We even found a great hotel, with a pool inside and out.

Timothy Valenti

Monday, March 19, 2018
Garbage. The animals are walking around unattended in front of the cars and can easily get very injured. The caging areas are small and barren. It's animal neglect for money at its finest. The animals looked hungry, sad, and depressed. Trash holes like this should be shut down because making money should not be more important than the welfare of these animals. Garbage garbage garbage, if you have any respect for animals or animal welfare then you would not spend your money keeping this place open. These animals do not belong in Ohio.


Monday, March 19, 2018
Love Love Love this place!!! We have talked about this place to all of our family and friends. Such an awesome experience for everyone from our youngest who just turned 3 to my husband and I.. We will definetly be returning. We went in March when it was cold and not all the animals were even out and had a time with our daughters none of us will ever forget. I cant wait to return when it's warm and do the walkthrough and the drive through!!

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