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Battelle Darby Creek

1775 Darby Creek Drive

Battelle Darby Creek is the largest Metro Park with more than 7,000 acres of prairies, fields and forests, and more than 20 miles of riparian forest along the Big and Little Darby Creeks. The Darby creeks are noted nationally for their tremendous diversity and abundance of both aquatic and terrestrial plants and animals.

Designated state and national scenic rivers, the creeks are home to around 100 species of fish, five of which are endangered in Ohio. Forty-four species of freshwater mussels live in these waters, eight of which are on the Ohio endangered list.

Metro Parks has restored about 500 acres of wetlands, 500 acres of wet prairies and more than 500 acres of lush flowering prairies using only seeds native to the Darby Plains. The entrance road to the Indian Ridge Picnic Area is a great place to enjoy the splendor of such beauties as purple coneflower, royal catchfly, prairie dock, big bluestem and other wildflowers and grasses.

The park features more than 18 miles of trails and several scenic areas for picnicking.


Duane Perrine

Saturday, June 16, 2018
This is a great get a way space with ease of access from the main highway, broad street, or a slight country road. Equally, there are 3 offshoots that make up this park that offer something for everyone based on your preference. There are areas for large group gathering at the battle derby location or paved paths and and less trafficked areas at Indian ridge, and from there you can also access the ski trail which is much favorite grassy trail with access to the river bank, canopy forest areas, marsh, and prairie experiences. Many photographic areas, like the totem pole, wooden bridge and of course the lush environment. This is a more secluded experience. Very enjoyable. Of course, always keep your safety in mind. Be mindful of your surroundings. Come prepared and leave spiritually refreshed.

A. Stuart

Thursday, June 28, 2018
This is one of the most beautiful parks I’ve visited in Columbus. It’s filled with trees, water life, trails and has been left in pristine beauty. The handful of times I’ve visited few people have been there and it’s been a very peaceful experience. It’s absolutely magical after a snowfall when the ground and trees are covered in a blanket of sparkling white. It’s more lovely than words can say.

Rocco Greco

Monday, June 25, 2018
An outstanding park. Clean. Bike trails. Nature conservatory for everyone to participate and learn. Wildflower seeds to take home. Crafts for the children along with a spacious playroom that is nature oriented. The staff is very friendly and helpful in providing suggestions on what to do and see. The parking is ample. Restrooms were clean. The bison are amazing to see. Plenty of information about what type of flora and fauna that inhabit the park. Highly recommended for the entire family. Bike and hiking trails too.

Jamie Jones

Monday, Aug. 13, 2018
This park is so big and they have so many things to do and a lot of picnic tables and party houses. They have grills anyone can use. It's great for parties and a great place to walk around and exercise. There's playgrounds bathrooms everything you can think of. They even have vending machines.

Rachel Christen

Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018
My dog and I were walking trails and wind up going way further than anticipated. My poor girl was exhausted and tore one of her pads on the gravel and refused to walk anymore. Thank goodness for good samaritans who stopped to check on us. There were 3 Rangers who helped us get out of those woods! What a great team they are and so caring and helpful.

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