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Dayton - Carillon Historical Park

1000 Carillon Boulevard

Dayton History is Montgomery County's official historical organization.  Consisting of Carillon Historical Park, the Archive Center, Hawthorn Hill, Patterson Homestead, Old Court House, and Memorial Hall, Dayton History brings the past to life to understand the present and inspire the future by collecting, preserving, interpreting, presenting and promoting the region's past.


David Mays II

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
For years I had told myself I was going to stop by Carillon Park, but, for reason or another I never did. I finally decided to do so and was not disappointed. The museum/park does a wonderful of showcasing a time when Dayton was at the forefront of innovation and a very prosperous, industrial city. The staff was friendly and courteous and was especially excited to share about the bald eagle nest that is now in the park. If you have an interest in history, it is very easy to spend a day here wandering about; however, it may not be the ideal place for younger children. Aside from a carousel in the museum, a very simple, generic model railroad display, and a train ride (which is cool even for adults) there is not a great deal to capture their attention. Overall though, it was a terrific experience. If you plan on making multiple visits over the course of a year, it may be worth getting a membership as it will pay for itself within two visits.

Brian Bickhart

Sunday, April 8, 2018
The park is a great place to spend the afternoon. We have gone a couple of times and I learn something different every time. The park has shelters for family picnics. Or, the Carillon Brewery is an excellent restaurant. There are numerous historical buildings to visit and go inside. The volunteers are always very informative and pleasant. The gentleman in the print shop was great. The guide in the Wright Museum shared so many amazing facts about the Wright Brothers. Also, an Bird watching enthusiast pointed out a Bald Eagle next and showed us pictures he has taken of the Eagles. It was a great day.

Amber Ayers

Thursday, March 29, 2018
Carillon Park is a very interesting and educational place that I would say everyone is aloud to come here. The picture that I posted of the Carillon bells is hopefully helpful because if you haven't seen the Carillon bells you might need the image to help you. When you first walk in, you have to pay. It is $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for 3 through 17 yrs old. If you are under 3 yrs old than you get in free. If you ever have any more questions, please ask me (from Google Maps). I'll be more than welcome to answer your questions. Also, I recommend this place to all! Thank you for reading this. I hope it helped!

Katrina Wells

Monday, April 9, 2018
This is a great place to learn about local history. There is plenty there to keep the attention of children. My son especially enjoyed the carousel and the outdoor train ride. The train ride is only $1 per person and it lasts a long time for the price! It is especially exciting to see that a bald eagle had decided to nest above the wright building!

Todd S

Friday, April 6, 2018
I kind of consider this one of those hidden jems. This is really a wonderful place, if you like history there is plenty of items, and there is enough entertainment bits even for the kids, especially if they are running the mini trains you can take a ride on. We've been visiting here with kids since they were under 5, and now they are in their early teens and they still enjoy things in the park. The other great item is they keep updating items, they really are making it better each time we visit. There is also a really cool historical food/beer/brew on site. There's a carousel too, it is indoors so even on the worse of Dayton weather days can ride. In some ways I hate to talk the place up too much as I don't want it to become too crowded. HA!

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