Dodge Skatepark

667 Sullivant Avenue

Located in central Columbus, Dodge Skate Park is sixteen acres of extreme outdoor fun.  Designed by Frank Hawk, father to famous skateboarder Tony Hawk, the park has three different drop-in bowls and a snake run.  Needless to say, there is never a dull moment at this park. 

The three all concrete bowls are different sizes, 3 feet deep, 4 feet deep, and 6 feet deep.  The 4 foot bowl can function as a half-pipe, while the 6 foot bowl has intense "verte".   

BMX, skateboarders, and rollerbladers are welcome to the park.  Dodge Skate Park is free to the public, but is unsupervised ( SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK ).   


  • 15.88 acres  Acres
  • Central  Location


Kimberly Martin

Thursday, Dec. 28, 2017

The people here are friendly and Happy to help. They have recreation for all ages and have many programs to choose from.

Brandy H

Friday, Nov. 3, 2017

Great amazing place they have! Was there for a wrestling tournament every one was polite, clean facility, great experience there!

Joseph Stanley

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

This this is an experience that went to he' was ok to start till it started filling up. Parents do not watch there kids which in turn caused chaos. Your personal items will get stolen if you don't watch. And what made it better trying to leave. There were literally people fighting at the gate trying to get in but they were at capacity. I do not recommend this place at all.

Evan Daily

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Renovated a couole years ago with a great diving tank and kids play water park. Very nice. We come from North Columbus to visit here.

3D GamesFusionXZMash

Sunday, Sep. 17, 2017

Good place to go of you dont want to spend a fortune to go swimming!