Dogwood Park

241 – 7th Street NE

Dogwood Park is located at 241 – 7th Street NE. Immediately adjacent to this park area is the North Canton Skate Park and the Dogwood Swimming Pool. Dogwood Park offers a playground area, picnic tables scattered throughout the park, one picnic pavilion, one basketball court, two horseshoe pits, a rental hall, restroom facilities, and wooded areas for walking and exploring.


tanise werner

Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

I did like this park until my window was busted out. but seemingly for just kicks, nothing was stolen thankfully but kudos to North Canton Police Department, they responded quickly and were very helpful in a stressful situation.

Craig James

Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017

This is just another fine park in North Canton. A children's play area, shelter and a facility you can rent complete with a kitchen for events.

Hannah Baldridge

Friday, July 21, 2017

Took my kids there for the first time today. Nice pool, very clean. The problem is the ridiculous swimming test that they make kids take in order to swim in the deep end. My son is 12. He is taller then me and has been swimming literally his entire life. So while he swam across the pool in less then 30 seconds without breaking a sweat, the life guard said she could not pass him because she felt his arms did not come out of the water far enough when he took a breath, that his form was not perfect. I understand wanting to make sure that a child can hold their own while swimming, I appreciate that. But to require kids to pass a test that 95% of adults could not pass if asked is ridiculous. To nit-pick their form to the point of... "well you could not be a professional swimmer so you can't jump off the diving board"... is absurd. Two other families complained as well, one of which left because one of their kids (who clearly could swim) did not pass because he was not "kicking his feet fast enough". I mean... what?!?!? My son could not even go down the rinky dink little slide because he did not have a green band without me standing at the bottom of it... he could touch at the bottom of the slide! The water came up no higher then his chest! We will not be going back. You charge $9 a person and then don't let kids that can obviously swim swim where they want. We will go to clear water where they actually let kids that know how to swim... ya know... swim!

Marty Danielson

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

As a city park, it's fine. It rises far above the rest when you factor in the newly remodeled city pool and an indoor facility capable of holding parties and reunions.

Roger Sommers

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We got a family pass to the park this summer newly renovated pool great place for the family to hang out love it.