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Early Television Museum

Early Television Museum
5396 Franklin Street

The Early Television Museum is located at the beginning of the Heritage Rail Trail bike and hiking path that connects to another park a few miles away. Eventually the trail will be extended to a total length of about 30 miles.

Over 150 TV sets are on display in a 4200 square foot area. Displays include mechanical TVs from the 1920s and 30s; pre-1945 British sets from 1936-39; pre-1945 American sets from 1939-41; postwar sets from1945-58; and early color sets from 1953-57. Many of these sets are working. 

The Dave Johnson collection of early television picture tubes is also on display, along with early TV studio equipment.

We also have a working 60 line flying spot scanner TV camera. Visitors can see their friends as they would have appeared on mechanical television in 1930.

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