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Kiser Lake State Park

4889 North State Route 235

The quiet and relaxing atmosphere of Kiser Lake State Park makes it a favorite Ohio getaway. 531 acres of rolling wooded hills and diverse wetlands add to the beauty of this scenic 396-acre lake known for its clean, clear waters.


The Kiser Lake region in Champaign County was the home of Tecumseh, the great Shawnee warrior. He lived and hunted on Buck Creek near the site of present-day Urbana. It was also near here where Simon Kenton, the legendary frontiersman, was once held captive by the Shawnee. Kenton admired the Shawnee for choosing such a beautiful area in which to reside. He remembered the area well and returned later in his life. Around 1802, Kenton settled in Urbana for several years. His remains lie in Oakdale Cemetery, southeast of Urbana under an impressive monument.

Kiser Lake was a dream of John W. Kiser and other members of his family. Their idea was to create a lake in the Mosquito Valley area which was low, swampy and dotted with numerous springs. In 1932, the Kiser family offered to the state of Ohio several hundred acres of the Mosquito Creek Valley. In 1939, a dam was constructed and the new lake was named Kiser becoming part of what is now Kiser Lake State Park. The lake is nearly 2.5 miles in length and has 5.3 miles of shoreline.


Thomas Howard

Friday, July 13, 2018
A nice place to camp with plenty amenities. There are a group of naturalist that out together activities every day. There were activities schedule for hours each day. The kids learned how to the knots for fishing and then they provided everything to go fishing as well as a complete book on rules and all fish in Ohio.

Polly Karr

Monday, Sep. 4, 2017
We camped here over Labor Day weekend. We had never been here before. We are fans of lakeside camping, so this seemed perfect. We had site #69 which was right on the lake and was the last site on the lake, giving it a little more privacy. Once the campground filled uo, though it felt a little claustrophobic and there were a few instances of people walking onto our campsite to fish or just sit by the lake. That was uncomfortable. Our big adventure for this trip was kayaking with our kids and the marina was perfect. A large variety of boats (canoes, single kayaks, double kayaks) and the rental prices are fantastic. The lake is large enough for a several hour rental, clean enough to be enjoyable. Lots of people fished this weekend but we didn't catch anything. The bathrooms are just vault toilets, which were well kept but still kind of manky. The grounds were all clean, but tent and tarp did get covered with some sort of roach looking bug. We will likely visit this park again at some point.

Dan Blausey

Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Used to be the cleanest lake around... These days not so much. Dirty diapers, trash, bait containers, burned wood everywhere. Shame.

David Lawson

Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017
Very beautiful park no matter the time of year. diverse wildlife, walking trails (No dogs allowed), excellent camping, good kayak and canoe lake, calming and quiet boating experience ( No motors allowed), clean clear water with abundance of fish and variety of species. Excellent fishing experience as well... show up early fall for a crappie well like no other black and green crappie. Stay all night for big catfish and first thing in the morning slay an abundance of bass, everytime your life hits the water you're pulling out 2+ lb. Bass atleast. Bluegill and perch for the children and if you like a good fight go for the 3 to 6 foot carp trolling this beautiful lily pad garden.

Zeff Moreno

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Great place to get out with family and fish ...

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