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Port Clinton - Monsoon Lagoon

1530 South Danbury Road


John Winter

Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017
We had a great time. We've a 9 and 6 year old and they want to go back soon. My 9 year old son just wanted to ride the go-carts all day, but we played the the water and saw the animals as the zoo was open and very cool. My 6 year old daughter loved it all. My wife actually got a chance to relax in the sun. The food was way better than carnival food. The kids ate a 1/4 lb burger and some of the full pizza. It's not cheap, but it was very high quality. My kids are used to eating organic and this meal was tasty. The pool was warm. The kids play area wasn't warm, but you're moving around so much you get warm climbing and sliding. There isn't a life guard on the kids slides, but that's fine since the slides are slow and have a long exit. I didn't see any kids collide even when they went down one right after another. The large slides did have a life guard telling you when to go. Check in was simple. Just don't bring food or floaty toys. Tip: pack a cooler in your trunk and eat at your car if you want to. You can get back in the park with your wrist band.

Lori Rister

Saturday, Feb. 3, 2018
Such wonderful staff and such a clean environment! We will definitely be back!

Michael S

Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2017
I took my daughter here today and she had a ball! I was really impressed with this complex all around. Food prices are a bit high but the staff was very friendly and professional, everything was maintained well, the property itself was clean, and they even had a DJ on staff for most of the day. I must correct Jack below because it doesn't cost $50 for the Mega Pass. It may have at one time but if you spend the duration of day here, its worth it. You have access to the water attractions, you can go on the go karts, bumper boats, and putt-putt, as many times as you want. They are also adding on a zoo. If you get on their website, they are running 30% off so it is $35 for the Mega Pass, so it isn't $50 even on the website itself. However, I booked via Groupon and paid only $18 a piece for 2 Mega Passes! (64% off!)

Justin Furmage

Friday, Jan. 19, 2018
Well worth the time and money...up close and personal with tons of exotic animals

brian tisza

Sunday, June 18, 2017
During the summer we come up here once or twice a month. Last year we bought a season pass and was able to go there 5-6 times. This year we bought a season pass and they had stated that the holidays are now blacked out for the holiday weekends for season pass holders. Those are three of the six times that we went last year. So this year the season passes that we paid $150 per person is useless. However, if we want to hand over an extra $25 per person, we can attend the holiday weekends with our season pass. If you plan on going there, especially for the holiday weekends, I don't recommend that you get a season pass. It's cheaper just to get a daily pass. Needless to say, we will probably no longer get season passes and probably go only once during the summer. It's really sad. My family loves the place, however with new ownership, always comes changes. Not always for the best for the customer.

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