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Seneca Caverns

15248 East Township Road 178

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Preserved close to its original natural state, Seneca Caverns is a unique and educational adventure which you will always remember.

Seneca Caverns was discovered in June 1872 by two boys, Peter Rutan and Henry Komer of Flat Rock, Ohio, while hunting rabbits with their dog. Their dog chased a rabbit to a brush pile, where the dog and rabbit then disappeared.

Seneca Caverns was discovered in June 1872 by two boys, Peter Rutan and Henry Komer of Flat Rock, Ohio, while hunting rabbits with their dog. Their dog chased a rabbit to a brush pile, where the dog and rabbit then disappeared. The boys dug around the brush pile and discovered an opening, which was actually a natural sinkhole. The boys fell through the opening, landing in the first level of the cave. They found their dog, and crawled back up to the cave entrance. They then returned home and told everyone about their discovery.

The cave became known as Good's Cave, for Mr. Emmanuel Good, the owner of the farm on which the cave was located. In 1929, Don and Fannie Bell moved to Bellevue, where Mr. Bell established his law practice.Mr. Bell became interested in caves while taking an elective geology course at the University of Michigan Law School. The course included a field trip to Mammoth Cave area in Kentucky. The great beauty of these underground natural wonders fascinated Mr. Bell; this fascination remained with him all of his life.Soon after moving to Bellevue, Mr. Bell heard about Good's Cave. It was his interest in caves that compelled him to explore the cave with Mr. Good.

In 1931, Mr. Bell discovered a series of passageways and rooms not previously known to exist, which led to an underground river, the water table. With this discovery, Don Bell thought the cave was large enough to develop commercially. Following two and a half year's improvement effort, Seneca Caverns was opened to the public on May 14, 1933.

Retained close to its original, natural, wild state, this subterranean tour is truly a unique and educational experience you will always remember. Experts have stated that Seneca Caverns may be the only cave of its kind open for public visitation. The official designation as a Registered Natural Landmark by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, reflects this quality!


Patricia Weaver

Thursday, July 5, 2018
The caverns were nice. We had a great guide (sorry, cant remember her name...starts with an M). She has only been there since May and was very knowledgeable about the history of the caves. There are some very steep steps and narrow areas, so keep this in mind. Enjoyed our tour


Monday, July 9, 2018
The tour was informative and interesting. Unfortunately, some of my students were handicapped or overweight. These caves required many awkward bends and turns unlike some of the ones we've visited in the past. The guides didn't even think to warn us ahead of time. In summary, it's fun if you're in really good shape. You'll learn a lot of great facts and spend a ton of money if you do the tour and visit the gift shop. Overall, 4 stars.

Jeff Felix

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Cool and unique, something to say you did. A little pricey for the experience, but it is the only one of its kind in North America. Be forewarned though, it is not a walk in the park, it’s tight and challenging to navigate in some ways. Family enjoyed the tour, but I’m 6’4” and built large frame. I had to pass on the last level because I simply couldn’t navigate/fit the decent. All in all, neat place to visit.

Deron Martin

Sunday, July 8, 2018
Awesome place to spend a HOT afternoon! We were looking for an adventure and we found it! It's a realistic cave, not a scooby doo cave. You will be climbing, ducking and bending. Wear appropriate footwear and clothing that is adventure appropriate. Phones are allowed for pics but not for video. You need both hands free for safety reasons. Besides put your phone away for an hour and just wonder at the moment. We actually got to see freshwater shrimp at the bottom because we were quiet as we approached the water.

Holly Lemonis

Thursday, June 21, 2018
Awesome place to visit. There are some incredible things to see, touch, and do. Just bear in mind that this is not a leisurely walk like the Mammoth Caves. You really should be in reasonably good health to do this guided tour. And the gift shop has some really awsome stuff at very good prices.

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