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The Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center

1337 Hayes Avenue, Spiegel Grove

The Hayes Presidential Center, Inc. operates and manages the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center. A non-profit entity, it receives the majority of its funding through the Rutherford B. Hayes-Lucy Webb Hayes Foundation. The State of Ohio also provides an annual appropriation administered through the Ohio Historical Society.

Webb C. Hayes, the second son of Rutherford and Lucy Hayes, endowed the Foundation in 1922. It was Webb who, shortly after the 1893 death of his famous father, started an effort to build a lasting memorial to the 19th President. He deeded the President's estate (Spiegel Grove) to the State of Ohio and the President's personal papers and possessions to the Ohio Historical Society contingent on the construction of a "fireproof building" on the grounds of the estate. Webb's dream came to fruition in 1916 with the opening of what was then called the Hayes Memorial.

However, Webb considered the two-story Ohio sandstone structure of inadequate size to house his father's collections. He personally funded an addition to structure in 1922, doubling its size. It was at this time that Webb endowed the foundation to fund operation of the facility.

The Hayes Museum/Library underwent a second expansion in 1968. Two wings, built onto the east and west ends of the structure, added 378,498 square feet of space. The project supported expansion of the facility's educational outreach through increased exhibit and library space, and construction of an auditorium.

In 1981, the facility's name was changed to the Hayes Presidential Center to more accurately represent its mission and programming. The Hayes Presidential Center includes the home, library, museum, tomb, and 25-acre park-like estate (called Spiegel Grove) of 19th U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes. Entrance to the property is through the original gates from the White House.


Sadie R

Saturday, June 30, 2018
Despite being in town, it's very quiet. We love walking here with our kids. We bring food for squirrels and our kids love feeding them. The museum is wonderful as well. We particularly love the house. It's interesting to see the house so well preserved and the reenactment they do each year really brings the whole place to life.

Michelle Sheasby

Tuesday, July 17, 2018
I always enjoy time spent at the Grove and it's such an inviting space. The trails are easy strolling and the squirrels are friendly and enjoy a shared peanut or two from the visitors who come bearing gifts. The house is enchanting and the grounds have plenty of space for an impromptu picnic, just bring along a blanket and your lunch and enjoy the shade from the trees while you enjoy a lovely afternoon with loved ones.

Hector Maisonet

Friday, June 22, 2018
This is a very cool place to go if you like history. Knowledgeable staff on the tour. Lots of information here and opportunities to explore out and inside. No pictures are allowed in the Mansion's tours; everywhere else is fine. They do discount for military.

vicki sandidge

Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Beautifully kept up. Friendly staff. I had my wedding ceremony here and everyone involved was so friendly and helpful. The wedding turned out beautiful.

Neelesh Gupta

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
I loved visiting here with my friends! I was doing a school presentation on Rutherford b Hayes, and I decided to come here to get more information. The home tour I especially recommend. Those tour guides sure do know a lot about President Hayes. The museum is my next favorite, tied with the tomb. There are SO many exhibits on president Hayes, it took 2 hours to photograph much of them. I don't have anything to say about the library, because we didn't spend too much time there. I place I definitely recommend visiting in Ohio.

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