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The Topiary Park

480 East Town Street

A Historic Gem
Though the Topiary Park that we know today was dedicated in 1992, the seven-acre park’s history goes back much further. The topiaries are nestled within what was historically called Old Deaf School Park, which has a past spanning back to the early 19th century. The popularity of the topiaries and their attraction to tourists has led the park to become popularly known as the Topiary Park. However, when you look at the park’s roots you find the history of the Ohio School for the Deaf, the inspiring story of James and Elaine Mason who first dreamed of a topiary garden and, of course, you see the muse: Georges Seurat’s famous painting A Sunday Afternoon on the Isle of La Grand Jatte.

The care and energy of the Friends of the Topiary Park has ensured that these stories thrive along with the beautiful living sculptures, and they have created educational resources to enhance the visitor experience.


Paul Byrum

Monday, June 25, 2018
A cute little park in downtown Columbus Ohio. I wouldn't specifically make a trip downtown to see this place but if you're already downtown it is definitely worth a stop. The park is well maintained. The grass and plantings are nicely manicured. This park is quiet and peaceful.

Tobi Henschel

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
This park was really cool! We printed pictures beforehand of the painting for our little boys to compare to the shrubberies. It definitely didn't hold their attention for very long, but they did have fun finding parts of the picture in front of them. We spent about ten minutes there. We went after visiting the art museum and it wasn't too far to walk there then back.

Stephanie cooper

Thursday, June 28, 2018
Columbus is a great halfway point for my road trip between Missouri and Connecticut. I loved checking out the park after several hours of being on the road. It is so beautiful, peaceful and relaxing. If you are local and never checked it out you need to.

Shailendra Gupta

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Beautiful park, peaceful, plenty of space , with pond, trail and very well maintain. Park has a gift shop and restroom. A Must go place if you want to spare some quality time with family.. kids will love it. Great place for photoshoot. Parking is free over weekends around the park.

Barbara Nicholls

Monday, Aug. 6, 2018
Very nice, large park near the public library. They happen to have a topiary of the famous painting "Sunday in the Park with George.'. Clever!

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