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TRAILS OUTBACK was started by a few local people who wanted to create a safe outdoor place to ride 4 wheelers, camp out, fish, swim , and just have fun. Now it has grown into a bigger picture to open the place to the public there are 20+ miles of trails and growing at TRAILS OUTBACK. Yes we do require the helmets.... We have local Rangers, Staff, and Security who will enforce all of our rules so you never know when a Ranger or Security will be in the woods... This place was created to be a safe, fun place without worry, a place to get out of the hustle and bustle of life and come relax in the wilderness. The atmosphere is and always will be everyone looks out for each other and helps as needed on the trail if someone is stuck and you have a winch on your quad give them a hand, Everyone is expected to report all suspicious activity to the main office ,Keep your tickets with you at all times no tickets means you don't belong and will be asked to leave or purchase another ticket. Don't litter and don't leave a mess. Everyone is expected to have fun and be safe don't take risks and above all be safe keep your speed down its what causes accidents this is not a race track and will not be treated as one.... We just don't want people with all around bad attitudes on our trails all types of fighting and being rude is banned if we feel you fall under this category during your stay you will be removed by local law enforcement and banned forever. Everyone wants to come have fun and it only takes one to ruin someones enjoyment that gives us a bad rep and we wont tolerate it at TRAILS OUTBACK so from the creators of TRAILS OUTBACK we wish everyone a fun enjoyable stay and as always be safe!

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