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Via Vecchia Winery

Via Vecchia Winery
485 South Front Street


All production happens inside Via Vecchia Winery, from crush to bottle. Consumers can trust that our wine lacks the usual 'red wine after-effects' because we keep it pure by using only premium whole grapes from California. Our Lead Vitner & Co-Creator, Paolo Rosi, uses ancestral techniques passed along by his Father who grew up in Tuscany, Italy. 

When creating our wine, we avoid lab-cultured yeasts, chemicals, artificial colorings or flavorings, and have no addition of preservatives or sugars. We also rely on sedimentation to clear our wine rather than using chemical fining agents or mechanical filtration.

All wine made at Via Vecchia Winery is aged for a minimum of two years in French Oak barrels, maintaining an all-natural state without adding oak dust/staves or artificial wood flavourings. We even keep sulfites an an absolute minimum, approximately half of the organic grade.

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