The 10 Best Skate Shops in Ohio!

It can be hard to find a good local skateboard shop these days. But there’s still a community keeping these great spaces alive. In Ohio, you’ll find all your skateboarding needs and more at one of the state’s top-notch skate shops. With lifelong skaters providing expert knowledge, you’re sure to get what you need. Here are the 10 best skate shops in the state. 

1. One Love Skateshop, Kettering, OH

One Love has decks from almost 30 different companies, including their own signature boards. They have the biggest selection of core skate shoes anywhere in Kettering, plus longboards, cruisers, accessories clothing, and more!

2. Westside Skates, Lakewood, OH

Westside Skates is run by people who live and breathe skateboarding. They can be seen around the community paving new ramps, or making use of the natural skate spots all over Lakewood and Cleveland. They have a huge selection of boards and gear, so you won't roll away disappointed.

3. Bakerized, Columbus, OH

Bakerized has some of the best skateboard parts anywhere in Columbus. Built on the experience and respect of real street skaters who support real rider owned core shops, they have the same passion as their customer for a quality ride that does what you need it to.

4. Tri-Star Skateboards, Cleveland, OH

Tri-Star was established in 2004, and began by selling boards out of an Astro van before opening up shop in a tiny 500-square-foot building. As word spread, they expanded to a 10,800-square-foot room with a huge shop and an indoor skate park right on the other side of the wall!

5. Old Skool Skate Shop, Westerville, OH

Old Skool has been serving the local skateboarding community since 2001, and hosts dozens of contests for local skateboarders every year. The owner, Wally Carl, has been skating since 1986, so he has the same passion for skating as his customers, and it shows at Old Skool.

6. Demented Skateshop, Liberty Township, OH

Demented Skateshop is a fairly small business that's been serving skaters since 2002. They funnel every penny they make back into the local economy and the shop itself, which is one of the reasons their customers have been so loyal and keep coming back.

7. Chenga World, Brook Park, OH

Chenga World is a great skate shop, because as soon as you buy your new set up, you can test it out at their custom indoor skate park. With new wheels, trucks, and decks always coming in, you have a huge selection of companies to choose from to get what you need.

8. Embassy Boardshop, Columbus, OH

Embassy always has up to date inventory for the top skateboarding brands. Whether you're just looking for clothing or accessories, or you need to build a whole new set-up, you can get everything at Embassy in Columbus!

9. Martini Skate and Snow, Northfield, OH

Martini Skate and Snow is a one stop shop for every skateboard-related item you might need. From hardware to helmets, trucks, wheels, decks, shoes, whatever you might need, they have it. And in the winter time, they have snowboard equipment as an alternative.

10. Fickle Skateboards, Cincinnati, OH

Fickle Skateboards is a unique shop in Ohio, because not only can you get the grip tape, trucks, hardware, and accessories that you need, but the owner Lew hand carves custom decks that are more durable than anything you can get from a major brand. You gotta try one!

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