7 Floors of Hell Haunted Attraction

Sunday, Oct 21, 2018 from 7:00pm to 10:00pm


7 Floors of Hell is one of the leading attractions in the country. As well as one of the top rated haunted houses in the nation. 7 Floors of Hell has 7 haunted houses at 1 location, world-class make up special effects. A monster midway with food, games, merchandise, and so much more!

Seven Floors of Hell doesn't change just one or two rooms a year SevenFloorsofHell changes close to 50% of it show to bring back a fresh and new event and stay on the cutting-edge you'll never see the same thing two years in a row!


The Basement: As you enter into this old abandoned house, You realize there is a power problem! the lights are flickering, then there is no light at all! Like any old house it has a basement, and that’s were you must go to find your way out! But you will have to find your way out with nothing more than a tiny flashlight through the damp and dingy basement.

Catacomb Crypt: This old catacomb crypt is filled with nothing but skulls and bones that cover the walls, But the spirits still roam the corridors dark passageways. You may follow the flickering lights but that Could leave you lost forever!

Phobia: We all have a phobia of something! What’s your phobia? Spiders-snakes-bugs- The Dentist-claustrophobia? You’ll find it all inside the all new Phobias!

House of the Dead: No guest wanted in this old mansion! The spirits and caretakers will do whatever it takes to keep you out and away from their hidden secrets! Elaborate rooms Fill this old mansion but Even the possessed dolls will do whatever it takes to chase you off!

Chaos: Something has happened in this old industrial factory, sirens are going off warnings are going off and a poisonous gas fills the air! Can you make it out in time? it’s nothing but Chaos!

Mental Ward: Are you brave enough to step inside with the mentally insane! These mentally disturbed people cannot wait to meet you and have you part of their family as you step inside this mental ward facility.

The Butcher Shop: The name sort of says it all! Blood,guts, Gore,slaughtered, and tortured. Did we mention there will be blood and lots of it!

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