Apple Week

Saturday, Sep 23, 2017 at 10:00am

22611 State Route 2


- Gather around to see our 150-year-old Cider Mill in operation and join in on apple themed activities!
- Gather at the Stuckey Summer Kitchen to see apple butter made the old-fashioned way!
- Gather at Lauber Settlement to Pack Your Wagon for a trip to the Black Swamp!
- Gather at Tiffin River Woodworking for a unique building experience!
- Gather at the Buggy Shed for “Hold Your Horses”
- Gather at the Grime Barn for goat milking!
- Visit the Eicher Cabin for an apple themed craft!
- 12:30 pm: Gather at the Grime Home to read the story  “I Really Like Slop” and then follow Farmer Sadie out to feed our pigs at 1:00 at the Grime Barn
- Meet and Greet our Farm Friend of the Day
- Splish Splash Give the Horse A Bath!