Hey Mavis

Friday, Apr 24, 2020 at 6:30pm


From the hills of Cuyahoga Valley, Hey Mavis brings to the stage a soulful mix of original Appalachian Americana music. Formed by Laurie and Eddie Caner, the band?s blend of string-band music, honky-tonk, folk and Americana has taken it from porch concerts in Cuyahoga Valley to the Palace May Pavilion. Laurie?s songwriting tells the story of life?with all of its beauty, heartache, disappointment and joy?weaving a musical tapestry that speaks of love, life and the human condition. Eddie always amazes the audience with his Hendrix-like tone and precision?he can soar beautifully over Laurie?s vocals or play a raucous, dirgy groove. Behind their vocals she provides the skillful pickings of a banjo, and he adds the willful wail of a violin. Additional members of the band include Bryan Thomas (bass) and Anthony Taddeo (drummer). In 2018, Melissa Etheridge personally chose Hey Mavis to perform on her music cruise featuring Etheridge and Sarah McLauchlan.?